Thank you for visiting our website. We are sure that you will love this software and find it very much to your liking. It's truly remarkable, and even though it is free it is more than a rival to any of it's paid competition, which you will soon find out.

On the next page there is a survey gateway. Though we know this annoys many visitors on the web, this has been put in place to cover all cost that go into providing this software for free.

You will be happy to know that, as opposed to other sites we actually walk you step by step on how to complete the surveys, thus making the entire process much less painful for the end user.

Below you will find a list of instructions on unlocking the survey gateway on the next page. Follow them correctly and you will have your download in no time.

Thanks again for coming and enjoy!

*this is not available for Mac or made for all versions of Windows. 


1) Pick which survey you would like to complete

2) Fill in you real information. These companies have had years to develop fraud detection software and can tell when you are just filling in blanks.

3) Continue the survey until the root URL changes in your browser. (EX. www.1stdomain.com changes to www.2nd domain.com)

4) When this happens wait 60 seconds. Do not close or minimize the page.

5) If the gateway still does not open, your browser probably blocked the cookie when the URL changed. If this happens make sure that your cookie are enabled, and continue the survey from where you left off until the URL changes again.

6) If you have completed the entire survey and the gateway still has not open (which rarely happens when following these guidelines), clear your cookies, pick another survey and start again. You should most definitely see results this time.

7) Enjoy your download :)

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